So So Sofia
cod: 6000
Los Angeles Luscious
cod: 6001
Tel-Aviv About it
cod: 6002
Verona Lace
cod: 6003
Tahitian Villa
cod: 6004
See it All in Montreal
cod: 6005
I Left My Heart
in San Francisco
cod: 6006
Texas Rose
cod: 6007
Parisian Pastille
cod: 6008
Turkish Delight
cod: 6009
Kyoto Chery Blossoms
cod: 6010
Totally Tokyo
cod: 6011
Call in the Calgary
cod: 6012
Singapore Sling
cod: 6013
Argentinian Aubergine
cod: 6014

Playing in Playa

Del carmen

cod: 6015
Heart & Seoul
cod: 6016

Red Lights in


cod: 6017
Costa Rican Sunset
cod: 6018
Shaking My Morocco
cod: 6019
Chillin in Chile
cod: 6020
Sicilian Summer
cod: 6021
Rio Carnival
cod: 6022
Maine Lobster
cod: 6023
Manhattan Mayhem
cod: 6024
Red Eye to Shanghai
cod: 6025
A Kiss in Paris
cod: 6026
Nights in Napoli
cod: 6027
Beijing Night Glow
cod: 6028
Moscow Red Square
cod: 6029
It's No Istanbul
cod: 6030
Russian Opulence
cod: 6031

Never Can Say Mumbai

cod: 6032
Holy Toledo
cod: 6033
Boston Cream Pie
cod: 6034
Brooklyn Never Sleeps
cod: 6035
Cheeky in Helsinki
cod: 6036
Bali Bliss
cod: 6037
Jamaica Me Crazy
cod: 6038
Eye Candy in Miami
cod: 6039
St. Barts in a Bottle
cod: 6040
Grecian Sea
cod: 6041
Make a Wish in Rome
cod: 6042
Fountains of Versailles
cod: 6043
Glasgow Nights
cod: 6045
Dubai Me an Island
cod: 6046
Meet Me in Mykonos
cod: 6047
On the Nile Blue
cod: 6048
Nantucket Navy
cod: 6049
London Underground
cod: 6050
2AM in Hollywood
cod: 6051
Oh My Prague
cod: 6052
Vegas Vixen
cod: 6053
Hong Kong Harbor
cod: 6054
Soaked in Seattle
cod: 6055
Romania After Dark
cod: 6056
One Night in Bangkok
cod: 6057
Belize in Me
cod: 6058

Speeding on the

German Autobahn

cod: 6059
Longing for London
cod: 6060

Affair in Amaifi

Amore Collection

cod: 6061

Cupid in Capri

Amore Collection

cod: 6062

Florence Frenzy

Amore Collection

cod: 6063

Venetian Valentine

Amore Collection

cod: 6064

Mystery in Milan

Amore Collection

cod: 6065

Tuscan Temptress

Amore Collection

cod: 6066

Swept Off Your Feet

in Sardinia

Amore Collection

cod: 6067

Bologna Blush

Amore Collection

cod: 6068

Crush in Lake Como

Amore Collection

cod: 6069

Seduced in Sorrento

Amore Collection

cod: 6070

Take Heart in Turin

Amore Collection

cod: 6071

Gazing in Genoa

Amore Collection

cod: 6072

Cobalt Cool

cod: 6073

Bronzed Goddess

cod: 6074

Rose Gold Romance

cod: 6075
Iron Clad
cod: 6076
Pewter Principle
cod: 6077
Vivacious Verdigris
cod: 6078

Copper Show


cod: 6079
Pinky Swear
cod: 6098
Quick as bunny
cod: 6099
Mint Condition
cod: 6100
Under a Blue Moon
cod: 6101
Life's a Peach
cod: 6102
In the Key of Lime
cod: 6103
Dare to Dazzle
cod: 6090
Stir in Sugar
cod: 6091
cod: 6092
Opposites Attract
cod: 6093
Shake it UP!
cod: 6094
cod: 6055
Chemical Attraction
cod: 6096
Infusion Inferno
cod: 6097